Marketing and SEO Tools for 2018

The New Year brings about a new sense of renewal for SEO managers.  There is the promise of exciting things to come, with updates and changes from Google to look forward to! They do like to keep you on their toes don’t they.

One of the main things we recommend you do on your marketing campaign this year is to increase the amount of good quality written content on the sites you manage.  Google especially relys on content to be able to rank your site, so getting the best quality prose you can is a great way to increase your chance of being ranked highly.  Content should be completely unique, interesting and highly relevant to your chosen keywords.

Something you might want to move away from this year, is the costly practice of PPC (pay per click) advertising.  This is now becoming a way for Google to make loads of money, but without offering you too much in return.  It takes a long time to set up a good quality, effective ad campaign, so it is probably better to invest that money instead onto organic SEO.

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