Finding the Right Keyword Selection for Your Website

One of the basics of SEO is the selection of the right keywords for your site – keywords are the search terms that people search for on Google and other search engines in order to find products or services which they are looking for.  The idea is that your site should be ranking for the relevant keywords that people easily find your site.

Some businesses can focus on nationwide keywords with relative ease – those industries which are not especially competitive can usually manage this, however those which have a high number of other companies in the industry may want to begin with targetting the local versions of keywords.  This can also be useful where the business has a physical shop or office for clients to come to – local search can help bring more people to your store and get a higher footfall.

Local search terms might be along the lines of “hairdresser in Woking”, or “car repair services Northampton”.  Or they could involve longer tail keywords like “best surfing school in Newquay” or “book massage appointment in Wellingborough”.

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