New Technologies

With each and every day that passes, technology is making leaps and bounds and advancements within a broad range of industries from not only marketing / digital means but also industries which are lagging behind the times, such as construction and automotion. With the likes of 3D Printing and the ability for the general public to be able to create new products in quick and as easy fashion as today, it’s no wondering why the competitiveness of a marketplace in any given industry is increasing in both power and wealth.

New technology is ultimately what drives innovation and efficiency within an industry. Whether that comes in the form of a computer, of which processingf power is 3 x more advanced and powerful to that of 5 years ago, could lead to employees within an organisation to operate faster and be able to produce work quickly without having to wait long load times / boot options.

This has been a core focus for the worlds largest windows manufacturing company (Microsoft Windows), who I am sure by now we all know who they are. Operated by Bill Gates, this software international development company has one of the most advanced and widely used operating systems in our time. Without the drive and focus of Microsoft Windows, the internet, computer processing power and workflow of day to day office works wouldn’t be what we know of today.